About Zim Zari

What is Zim Zari?

Zim Zari is freedom. It’s calling into work and heading for the ocean. Ordering boat drinks while in the middle of the city. Wearing shorts on a weekday.

Zim Zari is camaraderie. Cooking the catch of the day over a beach bonfire. Sharing your surf wax with a stranger. Passing the pitcher of sangria to a new friend.

Zim Zari is the day well spent. Whitecaps crashing on a jetty. Salt spray on your cheek. The wave that was made for you.


From Monterey to Montauk, we have all felt the special vibe that only occurs where the ocean meets the sky. We are the proud inheritors of a culinary tradition that is old as coastal settlement. We are Reinventing the taco with the freshest ingredients and served with the biggest smiles. We welcome families, couples, and anyone who likes to remember the special things about living life and achieving your dreams.

What is Zim Zari? It is the joy of the perfect moment.