Menu – Massapequa, NY

Fresh Starters

Volcano Shrimp 10.95

Delicious and tender, crispy shrimp tossed in a chipotle mayo and served over shredded lettuce and red peppers.

Citrus Chicken Strips 10.75

Chicken strips lightly fried and tossed in a citrus soy glaze with sesame seeds. served with a cilantro lime ranch.

Habanero Edamame 7.50

Steamed soybean pods tossed in habanero oil, and served with a cilantro lime salt for dipping

Chicken Avocado Sun Roll 10.95

Crisp Tortilla Stuffed With Chicken, Avocados, Cheddar Cheese, Red Onions, Cilantro, fire roasted corn and chipotle cream cheese served with a mango chili dip.

Fresh Guacamole 10.50

Our fresh homemade guacamole made from haas avocados and served with chips

Upside Down Nachos 10.50

Fresh made zim zari queso topped with refried beans, sour cream, jack and cheddar, topped with diced tomato and avocado served with chips

Laguna Lettuce Wraps 9.95

Grilled diced chicken, scallions, red pepper & caramelized mangoes tossed in a citrus soy. served with lettuce shells for wrapping.

Buffalo Chicken Eggrolls 10.75

Tender pulled chicken in our house buffalo sauce wrapped in a wonton shell and fried until golden served with bleu cheese dressing

Reinventing the Taco

We Use all natural meats…local farms whenever possible all chicken is hormone and antibiotic free all tacos come with beans and rice – whole wheat extra add a 3rd taco for $4.00

Filet Mignon 11.95

Two flour tortillas stuffed with marinated tenderloin, jack and cheddar cheese, crispy onions and garlic-tomato salsa.

Volcano Shrimp 11.95

Two tortillas filled with volcano shrimp, crisp lettuce, diced tomatoes and sliced avocado drizzled with a chipotle mayo.

Smoke House Pork Tacos 9.5

Two tortillas filled with slow roasted BBQ pork, pico de gallo and red onions

Surf And Turf Tacos 12.95

Grilled shrimp and filet mignon tossed with a chipotle pesto sauce, jack and cheddar cheese, crispy onions served in a pair of flour tortillas

Short Rib Tacos 11.95

braised short ribs, tater tots and horseradish aioli

Jerk Chicken Tacos 10.50

grilled chicken with our special jerk seasonings, fried sweet plantains, sliced avocado and topped with cilantro lime aioli.

West Coast Fish Tacos 10.95

Gently fried fish, chipotle cheese, homemade pico de gallo, cabbage slaw, red onions and cilantro served in a pair of flour tortillas.

Chicken Tacos 10.25

Fire grilled chicken, cheddar jack cheese blend, homemade pico de gallo and sour cream. served in a pair of flour tortillas.

Ahi Tuna Blt Tacos 13.50

Seared ahi tuna, mixed greens, bacon, plum tomato, wakame seaweed salad, cucumber wasabi drizzle. Served in a pair of flour tortillas.


Whole wheat extra

BBQ Chicken Quesadilla 12.95

Mesquite BBQ chicken, sweet red onions, cilantro, jack and cheddar cheese
with a smokey BBQ sauce grilled in a flour tortilla.

Cheese Quesadilla 8.50

Freshly shaved monterey jack and white cheddar cheese in a roasted flour tortilla.

Steak & Mushroom Quesadilla 12.75

Flame grilled steak, crispy onions, crimini mushrooms, jack and cheddar cheese grilled in a flour tortilla.

Pineapple Shrimp Quesadilla 12.95

Grilled cajun gulf shrimp with our jack and cheddar cheese, charred pineapple, red peppers and scallions, with a touch of cilantro.

Sonoma Vegetable Quesadilla 11.50

Grilled California vegetables, topped with crispy onions and our cheese blend.


Each one comes with a generous portion of red and green peppers cooked over the hickory wood grill topped with california onions then placed on a sizzling iron skillet, on the side comes all the fixins:

Baja Style
Served with flour tortillas. whole wheat extra.

Cali Style
Served with lettuce wraps.

Choose One: Chicken 16 – Steak 17 – Shrimp 17 – Vegetable 15 – Combo 18

Local Produce

Crispy Coastal Salad 11.50

Marinated grilled chicken tossed in a citrus dressing, crispy lo mein noodles with mesclun and cabbage mix, edamame, scallions, bean sprouts, red bell peppers, mandarin oranges, sliced avocado and tossed in a thai peanut dressing.

Naked Taco Salad 12.50

Marinated grilled chicken over baby field greens, topped with black beans, fresh guacamole, shredded jack and cheddar cheese, sour cream and fresh pico de gallo served in a tortilla shell.

California Tropical Salad 11.75

Sliced avocados over baby field greens, with pineapple, granola, mandarin oranges and tomatoes tossed in a tropical mango dressing.

Chipotle BBQ Chicken Salad 12.95

Chipotle BBQ seasoned chicken over a bed of field greens with corn salsa, homemade pico de gallo, jack and cheddar cheese, sliced avocado, cilantro, tossed in a cilantro lime ranch. topped with crispy tortilla strips.

Southwest Steak Salad 13.95

Grilled, blackened steak over romaine lettuce, with fire roasted corn, fresh pico de gallo and crispy onions, tossed with a chipotle parmesan dressing.

Hand Helds

We use all natural meats…local farms whenever possible. served with zim zari slaw – swap for another side – $1.50 – whole wheat tortillas extra

*Zim Zari Burger 11.50

½ lb. choice angus burger* with lettuce, tomato and onions on brioche bun. add additional toppings .65 each bacon, cheese, jalapeños, crispy onions, sautéed onions pineapple, avocado, mushrooms, chimichurri.

*Bacon Cheddar Burger 12.50

Applewood smoked bacon with white cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato and fried onion.

Zim Zari Wrap 11.75

Cold wrap with grilled chicken, fresh mango salsa, roasted red peppers, crispy onions, jack and cheddar cheese, mixed greens tossed with cilantro ranch wrapped in a flour tortilla.

BBQ Steak Burrito 12.50

Fire grilled steak with jack and cheddar cheese, our ginger lime rice, fresh pico de gallo, crispy onions and our very own zesty BBQ sauce, wrapped in a flour tortilla.

The Cuban 15.50

slow roasted pork, fire braised ham, cheddar cheese, dill pickle chips, mustard aioli

Chicken Caesar Wrap 9.95

Flame grilled chicken tossed with freshly cut romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes and our creamy Caesar dressing rolled in a flour tortilla.

Crispy Fish Burrito 10.95

Lightly fried fish tossed up with cabbage slaw, fresh pico de gallo and a chipotle cheese wrapped up in a flour tortilla.

Baja Chicken Burrito 11.75

Grilled chicken, jack and cheddar cheese, black beans, ginger lime rice, fresh pico de gallo and homemade guacamole rolled in a flour tortilla.

Vegetable And Bean Burrito 10.50

Grilled seasonal vegetables, jack and cheddar cheese, ginger lime rice, black beans, oven roasted garlic tomato salsa in a flour tortilla.

Sun Burned Steak Burrito 12.95

Grilled steak topped with cheddar and jack cheese, baby spinach, our cilantro lime ranch dressing, ginger lime rice and our freshly blended chimichurri sauce. wrapped in a chipotle tomato tortilla.

Short Rib Burrito 12.95

Braised short rib, ginger lime rice, pickled onions, black beans, cheese blend in a flour tortilla

Do It Zim Zari Style! 2.00

Wok’d Bowls

Chicken 12 – Steak 13 – Shrimp 14
Choice of rice or noodles.

Crispy Bowl

Zesty coconut peanut sauce, sesame seeds, carrots, red peppers, bean sprouts and snow peas.

Mongolian Bowl

Scallions, garlic, bok choy, bean sprouts, mushrooms and carrots. tossed in mongolian sauce.

Orange Bowl

Scallions, red peppers, orange, ginger sauce.

Kung Pao Bowl

Grilled baby bok choy, kung pao sauce, mandarian orange and scallion.

A Lil’ on the Side

beans • ginger lime rice • fries • side sala • sauteed vegetables • fried pickles • cheesy tots • sweet potato fries

* Consuming raw or undercooked meats, may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.